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Spagyric Extracts Enhanced with Sacred Vibrations

The spagyric process of extraction recombines all parts of the plant after they have been purified- the minerals, essential oils and tincture. This means the body, soul and spirit of the herbs are reunited. What makes our spagyrics unique is that while completing this mineralization process, we offer the universal vibrations of the gong. The sound waves boost the reaction that occurs when the basic minerals meet the acidic components of the plant in the tincture. The spagyric process of bringing a plant back to life makes it more bio-available and the gong amplifies our intention for these extracts to be as healing as possible.


We honor our creations as sacred from start to finish.  

For us that means only using herbs that we sustainably wildcraft or purchase from organic family farms.

The alcohol for extractions comes from organic potatoes that have been grown and distilled right here in the mountains of Colorado.

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