During private or group sound healing sessions, Brian intuitively guides a journey through sound with a variety of gongs, singing bowls, flutes, and more amazing instruments.  He collaborates with breathwork facilitators, leads cacao ceremonies, and offers a variety of mineral rich herbal supplements before sessions.  As one is immersed in the sound of the gong and in the subtle ethers of the sound bath, we are able to repair and rejuvenate as the cosmic ocean of vibrations wash over us; cleansing, unblocking and freeing us. The functional harmony created by the gong tones allow us to easily drop into an blissful state of relaxation.  

My Story


Brian is a lover of mother earth and optimizer of the human experience.  By using sound therapy, herbal alchemy, and alternative technologies he supports individuals and regenerative communities in feeling at peace and thriving.   His formal education is in Mechanical Engineering and he transitioned from a full time mechanical design role to launching his first business offering permaculture design and hemp consultation in 2015.  While researching the social aspect of community at a variety of off grid communities around the world, he began guiding people on deep meditative experiences using hypnagogic light technology combined with ethereal sound healing music.  These tools for meditation sparked his excitement to learn about ancient ritual, ceremony, and sound healing modalities. 


In early 2017 he started a year long Sacred Earth and Herbalism apprenticeship with Starhawk and Demetra Markis.  Also in early 2017, he completed a Gong Master Training with Gong Master Don Conreaux.  From late 2016 through early 2018 he learned and worked with the ancient Egyptian form of herbal alchemy called Spagyrics, serving as an Ambassador with the Colorado based herbal supplement company, Evolved Alchemy. 


Brian launched Sonic Alchemy to encompass his sound healing and herbal alchemy offerings with the intention of creating alchemical labs at regenerative communities around the world.  In addition to the herbal extraction labs, he is co-creating workshops teaching people to use their intention and sound vibrations to clear distorted energies and reverse pollution in the air, water, and land.  

Boulder, Colorado


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