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Lucid Dream Honey

Lucid Dream Honey


Spagyric Tincture Honey Elixir Formula to enhance the Dream World. For those experienced with Lucid Dreaming and gentle enough for those wanting to explore Lucid Dreaming more. It is recommended to take 0.5mL up to 2.1mL about 30 minutes before bed. For those who are very sensitive, taking 3 - 10 drops may suffice.


Our Egyptian Blue Lotus Spagyric Tincture is an ally for those wanting to dive deaper into the dream world - combines quite well with this Lucid Dreams formula:

Spagyric Tinctures of Chamomile, Damiana, Lion’s Mane, Mexican Dream Herb, Mugwort, Rose and Purified Mineral Salts in Organic Cane Alcohol.

1 oz Miron Violet Glass Bottle


All herbs used in this formula are certified organic

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